Petition to Encourage Cornel West to Run With Jill Stein

Cornell West

Dr. West: We saw how your passion was sparked when you realized the potential of a Bernie Sanders presidency. Our movement grew strong quickly in part because of people like you—who stepped up, spoke out eloquently and decisively, and used your voice and public profile to lend credence to everything Sen. Sanders was fighting for. Thanks to your support of this movement, so many people began to wake up that—in spite of rampant suppression—history was made in inspiring, hopeful ways. And that historical rise can continue—especially with your help.

Some are still holding out hope that in light of the repugnant revelations emerging from the latest Wikileaks release, Sen. Bernie Sanders will retract his endorsement of Hillary Clinton and take Dr. Jill Stein up on her offer to run together.

However, if that that does not happen, we strongly urge you to please continue this fight with Dr. Stein. She, like you, is absolutely willing to stand up for the American people, and with strength and courage stand up to those who would keep us down. Like you, she would fight tirelessly for the very same issues that so energized you and all supporters of this burgeoning movement.

We saw your endorsement video with Jill, and it sent a resounding, fierce and articulate message. A Stein-West ticket would be a force to be reckoned with, at a time when America may be readier for a third party than at any other moment in our lifetimes. It has the potential to carry the torch forward on a platform of justice, integrity, democracy, and humanity that we desperately need—and that record numbers of people resonate with, and are willing to fight for with you. We sincerely hope you consider these possibilities.

Please sign the petition below to help encourage Dr. Cornel West to join the Green Ticket with Dr. Jill Stein. 

How The West Was Won - #SteinWest2016


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